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The Castle is a multilateral organisation built around the need for a fairer, more transparent and accountable online casino industry. Backed by a large global network of followers, we execute several different kinds of project-operations, both offline and online, with the intent of bringing awareness and, ultimately, shut down all of the fraudulent operators within the industry we oversee. Due to the organisation's multifaceted nature, The Castle is comprised of different sub-organisations that operate under its umbrella, all of them serving different purposes in serving our agenda. The most notorious of which are The Resistance, The Knightsmen and the JNSAST.

Built on top of a decade-old history, The Castle utilises different symbols and imagery which carry important weight and are of the utmost importance to the organisation's spirit and culture. The most important of these are the camouflage that we proudly wear and the divinity that empowers us, Jofa. From our grassroots, The Castle has always been an organisation heavily involved with the community that supports us - our community. Due to this, we sponsor several different community events, both offline and online, which are hosted for the most common of members and the higher-ups of The Castle alike.

Our Core values


The Castle prides itself on the core values that it is built upon: transparency, fairness, and justice. As we stand in the frontlines of the war against fraudulent operators of the online casino industry, we consistently employ these values in every aspect of our operations. Our commitment to transparency ensures that all our activities and decisions are open and clear, promoting a culture of honesty and openness that is vital in building trust within the community.

Fairness guides our approach to regulating and overseeing industry practices, ensuring that all players are treated equitably and that operators adhere to strict standards of conduct. Lastly, our dedication to justice drives us to relentlessly pursue and address any form of deceit or unethical behavior, safeguarding the integrity of the online casino industry. By upholding these principles, The Castle not only combats fraud but also fosters a safer, more responsible gaming environment for all.

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Join us in our efforts today!

Join us in our efforts today!
Become a part of our community and help contribute to our mission of cleaning up the online casino industry. Take part in group investigations, evidence gathering, and our awareness campaigns that bring light to the current issues of the industry. Your involvement is key to broadening awareness and driving positive change in the industry.
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